Banana Days Logo: A small cartoon banana that is half peeled and has a smiley face on it.
Banana Days
Adventures(?) of a Blind, Female, Muslim Scientist
This is simply my blog concerning life stories, fond memories, random thoughts, critiques of society—and most importantly—funny things that happen to me. Considering the fact that I’m a Muslim, I’m blind, and I’m a scientist, I truly am in a really odd niche of things. This blog is a great stress relief from the intense mental activity of scientific research.
A question you might be asking yourself is, what exactly is a “Banana Day?” When I was a kid, I really really hated bananas. Actually, I still hate the things. Many things about them are awful, from the taste, to the smell, to the very tip—bananas make me gag. Despite this, I still have a complex relationship with bananas, for I like banana bread, and the Banana Boat song, and the Chiquita banana lady for the way she impressively balances a bowl of bananas on her head.
But back when I was a kid, my parents knew this. Whenever I did something bad, they punished me by making me eat—you guessed it! Bananas.
Those were my Banana Days.