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How’s the Weather
A Thumbnail of Dr. Mona Minkara's image Mona Minkara - March 17, 2016
  A picture of a street covered in heavy snow. The trees and gates are covered in a layer of snow. Snow is still falling and covers part of the image in white spots.


It was a cold, blustery, winter day. The snow was falling heavily outside, in white drifts. I was inside, bagging as usual, on a high school weekend. As I was standing there, waiting for the next customer to come up, I stare straight ahead and look upon the approaching torso of a very tall man.

Slowly, I start raising my head to begin polite conversation, for I used to quite enjoy talking to customers about anything random. Well, today’s conversation topic was the weather. It was snowing heavily, and there were piles upon piles of snow out in the parking lot. What inadvertently comes out of my mouth, however, is “how is the weather up there, sir?”

Oh, I CANNOT believe I said that.

Fortunately, he answers me with all seriousness, “It is quite cold. And how about down there?” I chuckle to myself and answer him. “Oh, a bit warmer, I presume.”

He asked for me next time he came into the store.