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Dropped the Other Sock
A Thumbnail of Dr. Mona Minkara's image Mona Minkara - December 14, 2015
A picture of two small wool baby socks.

Charissa was one my greatest best friends that i was lucky to make in Gainesville.  As she entered into my life, so did two amazingly awesome little kids that I love and adore like nephews. One night, she was over with her kids, helping me decompress after a long week at work. We let let Abdulrahman run loose in the house, as usual. We played together, watched a movie, and had a lot of fun! 

Soon, the night came to end, and it was time for Charissa and her kids to go home. Her eldest was around 3 years old, and her youngest hadn’t joined us yet in the world. My friend was tired, and telling her kid to go get his socks and put them on and get ready to leave. Abdulrahman had removed his socks for whatever reason; maybe to run free in my apartment? Kids are mysterious in some ways. So I ask him, “Abdulrahman, where are your socks?”

He responds with a coy, “I dunno…”

“Think hard, where did you take them off?”

“I THINK it was at the couch”

So we get on our hand and knees and look under the couch, in the couch, by the couch. We even move the couch. Then we move to the bed, the kitchen, the closet, everywhere you can imagine! But they are nowhere to be found. Two socks! Two tiny, two-inch, socks! 

The kid cannot remember, so we accept defeat that the socks are gone forever, and my friend takes her kid, sockless, home.

My weekend comes and goes uneventfully. Monday morning arrives, and I am getting ready. I take my laptop out to pack, and take my laptop case, open it up, and place the laptop in. I go to close my case when I feel a lump? I stick my hand into the case, only to find two tiny, white socks! I laugh to myself. Oh kids! How they can surprise you.