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Time Turner
A Thumbnail of Dr. Mona Minkara's image Mona Minkara - March 14, 2016
A picture of a hand holding a small golden chain attached to an hourglass in a locket.


As I walk to work at the University of Minnesota, it is a very cold and windy day. I get to my building and walk up the 2 flights of stairs. As I get ready to open the door with my keys, I sneeze one huge, loud, obnoxious sneeze, which causes my whole body to convulse AND for me to drop my keys.  

Oh no!

Once again, my Time Turner key chain, unique in the Harry Potter world and to me, falls out of my hand and breaks apart. Now, here’s the zinger: I am blind and can’t see the floor. If I had only dropped it without sneezing, I might have been able hear approximately where it fell. But alas, I sneezed, and that is what caused me to drop everything in the first place.  I spend a while trying to feel for the pieces, with no luck.

So, I call for my fellow research group members to aid me in the search for the remains of my awesome Time Turner key chain— but again alas! One piece— one small tiny piece!— is still missing.  I keep on having hope of finding the piece all day as different group members come and go. I ask them if they see anything near the door, but nothing. I come to terms with the loss of my precious key chain, and I walk back home disappointed. I reach my apartment, put my hand into my pocket to retrieve my keys, and feel something different. I stick my hand back in, only to realize the missing piece has been found!

Oh Banana Days…