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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
A Thumbnail of Dr. Mona Minkara's image Mona Minkara - April 07, 2016
A picture of Mona walking in front of a small pond with a line of ducks following her.

When I was living in Gainesville, Florida, I greatly enjoyed the presence of ducks in my apartment complex. This apartment complex consisted of several small buildings placed in a circular manner, surrounding a miniature manmade lake. I recall a beautiful Sunday, when I decided I could enjoy some fresh air and take a walk near the lake. So, I grab a loaf of bread from my pantry and head outdoors. I walk towards the lake, and sit on a small bench that had sunken slightly into the ground over the years. I am enjoying the weather and sun, when I look down and see a duck returning my gaze. At this moment, I remember I had brought a loaf of bread with me, and proceed to open up the bag. I rip off a tiny piece, and throw it down to the duck.

But, I look down and find that the duck has multiplied into four ducks, so I proceed to rip off some more bread for my new guests. While I am busy doing that, I look, and see that there are now at least eight ducks. One duck in the back, intent on eating all the bread it can, flies up. I freak out a bit and jump up, but somehow that duck manages to peck at my fingers! Nervous, I start speed walking back towards my apartment, throwing bread behind me at the exponentially growing horde of ducks. My walk becomes faster and faster. I glance behind, only to see a long line of around 32 ducks just chasing me. I steel my courage, and I decide to stand firm and show them that my bag of bread is empty. This doesn’t do anything except get my fingers pecked at again.

I head home, slightly amused at the aggressiveness of the ducks and think nothing more of it later the night. Next morning I wake up, get ready for work, leave my apartment, and proceed to the bus stop as usual. But something is off. As I start walking, I notice that a duck is walking in step with me. What? I look down and find my self surrounded by a large paddling of ducks. I start walking, and they follow me all the way to the bus stop. This recognition last for an entire month! Now I know why there is a DO NOT FEED THE DUCKS sign at the entrance of my apartment complex. If only I knew!