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Skirts Away
A Thumbnail of Dr. Mona Minkara's image Mona Minkara - March 21, 2016
A picture of the bottom of a black skirt.


I vividly remember my first day of high school:

I’m excited for what is to come and to wear the nice new outfit my mother has gotten me.

She has bought me a nice grey skirt and has paired it with a warm-colored sweater-vest that came with a matching jacket. As always, Mother’s taste is impeccable.

Now, It is the first time I’ll be going to school with multiple floors. Woohoo Exciting! Not one floor, but two! I’m feeling like a growing adult with one more floor of adventures and knowledge to seek. This is what I’m thinking, not yet knowing what those two floors hold in store for me.

And let’s not forget that I am a Hijabi Muslim girl.  I cover my hair and wear modest clothing.

So, with full-on, triumphant confidence I start climbing the stairs to the second floor of the high school. Behold! two steps in, I slip and fall flat on my face. This is a terrible thing to happen. But not nearly so terrible as the realization that I’ve completely exposed my legs!  

Aah! So embarrassing!

As per usual, my automatic response is to sit up and start shaking with laughter, joining my fellow students around me.

Now, I never wear skirts.