Teaching Assistants

I keep myself accessible to all my students through my Teaching Assistants. My TAs (Teaching Assistant) are really exceptional in not only their crafts but also in their interpersonal skills. I found these students to be Knowledge Catalysts, in a very fundamental sense. As a Blind professor, a lot my academic teaching work is eased up with the help of my Teaching Assistants. This page is a more of a token of gratitude and recognition to my beloved Teaching assistants. I wish them all success in their future endeavors.

A photo of Anne Sigl posing on camera. She is wearing a beige sweater.
Anne Sigl

Hello! My name is Annie and I joined the team in January 2022 as a teaching assistant for the course BIOE 3380 Biomolecular Dynamics and Control. As a teaching assistant, I help with visual aspects of lectures, hold office hours, answer student questions, and assist in preparation for class. BIOE 3380 remains one of my favorite courses I’ve taken at Northeastern, so it is exciting to be on the teaching side this time around.

I am currently a fifth-year student at Northeastern, graduating in May 2022 with my Bachelors and Masters in Bioengineering. Following graduation, I will start full-time work as a Design Quality Engineer at an orthopedic implants company. In my free time, I enjoy yoga, traveling, sailing, dancing, and Rubik’s cubing.

Fun fact about me: I can solve a Rubik’s cube in about one minute.

LinkedIn: Anne Sigl

A photo of Dr. Stephanie DeLuca posing for the camera.  She is wearing a blue blouse with a grey cardigan and peach scarf. She also has a grey newspaper hat on.
Leonardo Simonelli

Hi all! My name is Leonardo and I joined the team in the Spring of 2021 as a TA and grader for Biomolecular Dynamics & Control. I am now focused more on the grading aspect and I try to always give the best possible feedback, so students can learn from their mistakes and get better every day.

I am currently a 5th year bioengineering student, graduating in May 2022 with my Bachelor and Masters in Bioengineering. Following graduation, I will attend the Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami. Outside of class, I do triathlons, I also love to cook, and travel around the world.

Fun fact: I completed my first Ironman Triathlon in September 2021!

LinkedIn profile: Leonardo Simonelli

A selfie of Neda. She is wearing a blue shirt and a blue jacket. Her hair is braided and secured witha blue hair tie.
Neda Kari Rezapour

Hello! My name is Neda Kari Rezapour and I’m a 2021 graduate of Northeastern University where I studied Bioengineering in cell and tissue concentration. I was Prof. Minkara’s Teaching Assistant, and my responsibility was to grade students' exams and help students during office hours to solve their course problems.

I also helped Mona in organizing exams from traditional format to online format. At the end of each quarter of the semester, Mona’s had an office hour in which most of the students would gather in her office with Mona’s warm welcome and sweet candies. We all had fun and laughter besides learning and preparing for final exams.

LinkedIn profile: Neda Kari Rezapour