What is a Knowledge Catalyst?
A knowledge catalyst engages with people, objects, ideas, and experiences with strong curiosity and motivation in order to seek information about the world around them. A knowledge catalyst gathers information from many sources to discover other layers of knowledge and understanding that are then processed and internalized. After discovery, a knowledge catalyst is then propelled by an intense desire to communicate and to share this new knowledge with other people in their network. By actively sharing knowledge with others, a knowledge catalyst positions themselves as a key contributor for the development of a robust web of knowledge.
The Cycle of Knowledge: How we transform curiosity into shared knowledge!
Curiosity is the motivational drive towards something or someone. It is the fire that sparks our interest to learn more about things, people, and everything in between. Without a genuine curiosity, we cannot inspire change. Curiosity is often the first step toward our engagement.
We engage with people and resources around us to occupy an interest or curiosity, so we can then participate in action! To engage is to ask questions and to seek information, engagement represents acts of interaction and exploration.
Discovery is the process of building knowledge or processing and internalizing what we explored through engagement. Discovery represents the moment when knowledge is transformed inside of us, and this transformation ignites the knowledge catalyst to share!
Sharing is the piece that differentiates a knowledge builder from a knowledge catalyst. Unlike a builder who is satisfied with the act of knowledge consumption, a catalyst feels an urgent drive to communicate and to share their findings with others. Sharing is the most important step to a knowledge catalyst, as it connects people within the web of knowledge.
Knowledge Catalyst, me?
One evening, my friend and I, Anna Barbosa, were talking about what defines our personalities. We realized that curiosity is the strongest motivation that drives me to learn about and to explore everything around me. Curiosity itself is not enough for me. I cannot just gather knowledge for the sake of it. In fact, my curiosity for knowledge can only be met by my passion for sharing what I learn with everyone else.
We asked ourselves, maybe there is a way to summarize these important parts of my personality and to inform people about who I am. That’s when Anna said, “Yes! It is like you are a knowledge catalyst.” And that was it! What better way to describe my drive and curiosity for knowledge and my love for teaching (and for science!)? I then realized that I am not only a knowledge catalyst, but I also build communities of people who are also passionate about discovering and sharing knowledge with others. I realized that I am a part of a movement bigger than myself, a knowledge catalyst movement!
The Knowledge Catalyst Movement
People are the most important asset to the knowledge catalyst movement. We aim to attract as many curious catalysts that are willing to share in our movement with one hope to provoke change and inspire discovery in our understanding of the world and to apply these actions to our networks. We seek to contribute to the building and strengthening of an inclusive web of knowledge, where individuals from multiple and diverse backgrounds actively contribute to the generation of new knowledge and transmission of this knowledge to people around the globe. This movement will help us to find the knowledge catalyst that exists in all of us.
If you want to pursue your curiosities and to better understand your experiences, you are not alone. The first step of this movement is to apply these ideas to your everyday life. Please reach out if this has inspired you!
Are you a Knowledge Catalyst?
If you are still reading this, you have already taken the first step! Now join us in the conversation!