Chemists With Disabilities
American Chemical Society logo, A blue and gold diamond. On the top a golden phoenix rises out of golden flames. The bottom half is blue and has the letters A C S spread around a Kaliaapparat in golden text. To the side in black text reads “Dan Su Travel Award American Chemical Society, Postdoc to Faculty Workshop 2018”
The Chemists with Disabilities logo. A black circle with a white figure in a wheelchair. The figure is holding a lab beaker. IN white text on the circle it reads,” American Chemical Society – Chemists with Disabilities. We all Can”
I am honored to be part of CWD, Chemist with Disabilities an amazing sub chapter/committee of ACS, the American Chemical Society. My involvement started in 2018. The committee is always promoting people with disabilities pursuing paths in chemistry. We also "Serve as a resource to the chemistry community as a whole with reference to issues concerning the education and employment of individuals with disabilities".
Check out our website to learn more about CWD and see below some photos of the members from past events.