I am honored to be one of the 12 ambassadors (link words "12 ambassadors" to press release article: https://astroaccess.org/astroaccess-reveals-crew-of-12-disability-ambassadors-for-historic-zero-g-parabolic-flight/) serving as the flight crew on the inaugural mission of AstroAccess. On October 17th, we conducted observations and experiments during the parabolic flight investigating how the physical environment aboard space vessels should be modified so that all astronauts and explorers, regardless of disability on Earth, can live, work, and thrive in space. A huge thank you to the Massachusetts Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (MABVI) (link to their website) for sponsoring me! It is incredible to be part of a team working on an inclusive future. I'm so grateful to everyone who has worked to make this happen.