The Blind Traveler
Do you love adventure and history?
Have you ever wished to travel to different parts of the world and find out about diverse places, people, and cultures?
I am Mona, the Blind Traveler, and I would like to invite you to check out my adventures as I travel the globe and discover our history, our legacies, and our rich and diverse cultural heritage.
As any seasoned traveler would tell you, one of the most important elements of any expedition is who we travel with. And let me tell you, after traveling to more than 10 countries, I confirm that this is true. A compatible companion can really make or break a trip. For those of you who love world history, uncover the mysteries of our past and share the excitement of new discoveries, look no more! I am the travel companion and tour guide you have been waiting for! Come join me and let me guide you as we tour all corners of this world!
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