Office Management Software


Trello lets you create boards, lists, and cards to organize and prioritize work. It's also accessible to me, so I can keep track of projects and tasks. Some of the available features, like file uploads, commenting, and to-do lists make it easy for my access assistants to collaborate together on larger tasks. It is free to use, although there are size and feature limits. If you are at a large organization or need heavyweight project management software, it may not be ideal for you.

Google Calendar

I use Google Calendar to keep track of my both my personal and professional schedules. In addition to integrating seamlessly with Gmail, which I use for my personal email, I can also send and receive Calendar invites to/from Outlook, which Northeastern uses. I find it really useful to be able to create multiple calendars with different types of events, such as meetings, due dates, teaching, etc., and coupled with the vibrant color choices helps me to utilize the remaining vision in my left eye to know at a glance what is on my schedule. I can also share my calendars with others, which makes it useful to coordinate schedules with my research and access assistant teams.


In addition to using physical hard drives as backups, my team and I utilize Dropbox to store all files. I can also create and share folders, which helps me to keep files organized and accessible to team members as needed. Although storage is not unlimited, they offer some different data plans with a variety of features.

Google Drive

Although my primary place for storage is Dropbox, I also use Google Drive for some file storage. I mainly use Drive to store audio recordings of journal articles, photos and videos for my Planes, Trains, and Canes project, and miscellaneous personal files.


Northeastern University uses Outlook for email. It is accessible to me on my iPad and on my iPhone as it works well with VoiceOver. The Outlook calendar is useful so people at my organization know when I am available or busy, but I prefer Google Calendar for scheduling. My team of access assistants can also share their Outlook calendars with my Google Calendar, so I have access to everything in one place.