Knits By Mona
Another thing I enjoy doing is knitting. Over the years I have created my own designs and products like scarves, hats, and gloves for adults and babies. If you want to learn more, check out my website here
some of my designs
Fuzzy Fuschia
Kids' Hat, incredibly soft knitted topper.
Baby Sunrise
A pink, yellow, and orange scarf and hat made for babies.
Elegant Winter
​Medium weight white scarf with pearl stitching and fixed buttons.
Subdued Elegance
6 ft x 1 ft, pink and grey flowers & fringes.
Autumn Warmth
Lightweight autumn-colored, red, orange, yellow, brown, purples scarf with fringe.
Basket Weave
Cream and brown felted wool bag in the style of a basket.
Laffy Taffy
5 ft x 5 in, soft multicolored scarf.
Green With Envy
​Green, lightweight scarf pullover with gold button detailing.