Recording Method

Slide3Recording usually happens separately from reader’s time with me. I give the reader instructions on how to conduct the recording, and then they will complete it with the school’s or their own personal recording devices.

Here are some of the instructions that I give to recorders:

  • Scan over the reading first to identify any words or phrases that you don’t know. My readings can be heavy in mathematic and scientific jargon. If you don’t know how to pronounce something, look it up beforehand.
  • Begin the recording by reading the full title, year, and authors’ names.
  • Read page numbers and page turns.
  • Read section headings. In fact, record sections as separate audio files.
  • Record the descriptions of each charts, plots, figures, and equations separately, as well as the list of references

After the recorder has finished recording all the separate files for one article, she uploads them into a folder on the google drive of a shared gmail accounted created specifically for this purpose. Another reader takes these audio files and catalogs them into their proper space on the website.