Outside my scientific pursuits, I like to color my life with a variety of hobbies and pastimes. I love travel and always embrace the opportunity for new experiences, like zip-lining, whitewater rafting, and penguin petting in Dubai. Even at work, my office is constantly full of music ranging from Harry Belafonte to Celtic traditional. I am an enthusiastic amateur hand-drummer, and had the pleasure of performing at a friends wedding this year. Since I was young, I’ve been an avid audiobook listener, particularly fond of the Harry Potter series and anything by Agatha Christie. My athletic interests  include martial arts, rock climbing, and tandem biking.

The pages below showcase another two hobbies: knitting and story telling.

Banana Days

Banana Days is a blog I started to share small slice-of-life stories and things I have experienced as a blind scientist. I hope to improve my writing here and provide entertainment.

Knits by Mona is a collection of things such as hats, scarves, and throws that I’ve knitted and sold, as well as items I have for sale. The art of knitting is one way I am able to de-stress and refocus.

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