Dividing up Duties

Slide2Depending on your needs, it can help to have readers specialize in different areas. Some example categories are:

  • Administrative– If you have a crazy schedule and a lot of readers to manage, it saves time and stress to have a sighted person assist you with scheduling and office organization.
  • Technical– Depending on the kind of research you are doing, you might want to have a reader who is skilled with computers and coding so that the two of you can be on the same page as you work.
  • Recordings– It can be nice to have one person who makes all your recordings. You’ll be listening to this person’s voice a lot, so make sure they speak clearly, evenly, and without a difficult accent. They need to know how to correctly pronounce scientific terms and to read equations fluently.
  • Cataloging– You might want to have one person who is solely responsible for keeping your materials organized, digitally and in print, so that there’s consistency in how things are organized.