Getting Around



Uber is a great way to get from your airport and to your hotel and back, as well as any other place that isn’t within walking distance. You can use Uber with voiceover, but it also helps if your reader has Uber on their phone, too.

Walking Style

I have some vision in my left eye, so I usually like my reader to walk on my left side so I can take cues from them, even though I have my cane with me.  If you have a preferences for how you two will be walking together, make sure to communicate that with them

Floorplans and Layouts

ACS will have floorplans and layouts of each building in which the conference has events.  Make sure your reader has copies of these.  It helps to know where you’re going before you get there.

Spatial Awareness

It is important that your reader has spatial awareness when in a large convention center and when walking between sessions that are in different buildings.