Penn Conference in Theoretical Chemistry (PCTC) 2017

I gave an invited talk at the Penn Conference in Theoretical Chemistry (PCTC) after being selected as a 2017 PCTC Postdoctoral Fellow. The conference was hosted by the Subotnik Group and took place at the University of Pennsylvania campus from August 17th-19th, 2017. Three other PCTC Postdoctoral Fellows and about 20 invited faculty members gave talks at the conference as well. The 2017 PCTC focused on Interfacial Electrochemistry. My talk, in which I outlined my current research on the effects of loading multiple perfume raw materials into surfactant bilayers, was titled “Gibbs ensemble Monte Carlo Simulations for Additive Loading in Surfactant Bilayers”. For more information on the PCTC and about the Subotnik Group at UPenn who hosts it, please click here.

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