Excerpt from my Graduate Work

Here are some of my favorite images of from my graduate work.  They are featured in my thesis, Design of a Novel Inhibitor for Helicobacter pylori Urease.

Left:  Entire structure of H. pylori urease. Each trimeric subunit of the tetramer is individually colored to depict the overall assembly. Ni2+ ions are depicted as purple spheres.
Middle:  Horseshoe of high RMSF regions surrounding the loop (residues 564 to 568) of the active site-covering flap (D4 and D5 refer to the dimer on which the residues are located): 564 to 568 RED (D4); 771-791 BLUE (D4); 55-68 GREEN (D5); 100-111 ORANGE (D5); 113-130 BLACK (D5); 177-184 CYAN (D5) 222-238 PURPLE (D5); 239-255 ICEBLUE (D5)

Right: Na+ ion distribution (red).

3 thoughts on “Excerpt from my Graduate Work

  1. What is that close-fitting head-covering for, that you are wearing in your picture? Please tell me? A young “real life” friend of mine who calls you her boss, says you are blind. How are you able to do such research without sight? Please tell me? Too, I am sure there are braille keyboards –but how are you able to read what is online? Thank you in advance, for your patience with my learning process. : )

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